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"TransitionTime is the map that will allow you to turn your practice/group into a true cash-flow machine as you add additional streams of income and vertical companies! The strategies entirely changed my trajectory." - Austin
'Transition Time' Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed the Trajectory Of Countless Practices/Groups Around The World!
 -Develop your own personalized strategy to build a Dentist-Owned Group (DDSO).
Decide which of the Top 7 Streams of Income to incorporate into your DDSO as you build and grow.
 -Vastly reduce your overhead, increase new patient flow and increase NET income and Equity as you navigate the Practice Freedom Blueprint.

Do you feel as though you have a much larger vision in DENTISTRY than you are currently living?
Do you wonder at times if you will have the time freedom, personal freedom and financial freedom down the road to achieving your desired lifestyle? Have you had an associate failure? Looking to reduce overhead and increase NET? Need a sustainable model for the future that eliminates debt and increases cash-flow and wealth accumulation?

Would you like to practice dentistry as a CHOICE rather than NECESSITY?
Your current practice situation has the potential to change overnight with the right information and strategies.
This book was designed to give you information and strategies that will produce the biggest business impact on your practice/group immediately.

Positive change can only happen if you learn, create a plan and take action. I offer this book to you to bring about the change you have been waiting for.
meet the man behind the book
Dr. Brady Frank
Dr. Frank has been a private group practice owner for over 15 years. Through his own experience of employing over 28 associates in the mid-2000s, he created several business models that have allowed hundreds of dentists over the last 12 years Transition to Freedom. 

In his book, TransitionTime, he provides 14 modules for practice transition and expansion. Dr. Frank also details the most common vertical companies related to multiple streams of income as one Transitions to Freedom.

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